How to create your first map?

After activating the plugin, no additional configurations are needed. Jump directly towards creating your first map. The map building interface provided by MapEngine is quite simple & easy. Just define your favourite map platform, and there you go! Just start mapping entities.

So, let’s quickly get started:-

On your WordPress dashboard, you will notice a new link called Maps.

  • Click on Maps >> Add New to create a new map.
  • A popup will appear; just start by specifying a map name, and after that, select your favourite mapping platform, a Google Map or an Open Streetmap.

** You can switch to any map platform later on whenever you want.

  • Next, click on Create map link.

The map building interface looks like this.

Build Tab:

Under this option, you can add markers and shapes to your map.

– Markers

To add a Marker, click on Add Marker button.

Next, you can manually search the location from the Address field or enter the lat- long coordinates. Moreover, MapEngine also comes with a Locate On Map feature to add marker pins with just a click.

Ample style settings are available under the Style tab to customize Marker shapes and info-window.

Learn more about Markers.

– Polygon

Polygon options let you draw a polygon onto the map. More style settings are available under the Style tab to stylize individual shapes and info window.

More upcoming shapes – Circle, Lines, Square.

Learn more about Shapes.

Global Styles

Here, you can define default styles that would be applied globally to all markers & shapes. Don’t worry; you can reset the styles at individual levels.

Apply styling to each element of the info window, customize its look according to your needs.


Under this section of MapEngine, you will find map level settings and controls. Like set map centre, map themes & layers, managing gestures, zoom controls, etc. You can choose any snazzy map style or paste your custom theme JSON.

Once done, hit the Publish button, just copy the shortcode generated and paste it onto a post/page.