Adding Markers

Markers play a most important role when creating a map – they serve as basic building blocks that help pinpoint one’s location so that visitors can easily find their way around. Adding a marker can be an intimidating task, but with Map Engine, it’s a relief!

Add your first marker:

Build—> Marker—>Add new Marker

There are three ways in which you can pin a marker location.

  1. Address Search: The simplest way to add a marker is to search for a location within the Search field.
  2. Lat-long: You can add geo coordinates to pinpoint the location.
  3. Locate On Map: The third way is to locate the marker directly on the map. This is the most interactive and go-to method. You just need to click on the desired location on the map, and a marker will be added there. Then, drag the marker to reposition it accordingly. Just enable this icon (active by default) to move and relocate a marker.

As soon your pin location, you will notice that the fields like marker Name and Display Address are automatically filled. These fields are extracted based on the address; you can change the name and display address; it will not affect the marker location.

Marker InfoWindow:

When you click on the marker, a popup opens the marker info window. It contains specific information related to the marker.

  1. Marker Name: Marker name
  2. Display Address: Location address or add your own custom address
  3. Description: Add a few lines of text describing the marker.
  4. Image Gallery: Add images to be displayed inside the popup.