Style Map Markers

You may personalize each area of the map with Map Engine, which gives you a lot of design options to style every element of the map. Change the Markers’ appearance as you like, select from different pre-defined shapes or upload a custom marker icon.

Styling Hierarchy

There are two-level to style every element in MapEngine:

  1. Global: Apply to all elements
  2. Individual: Effect only a single element

Styling Markers:

Global Level:

To give a single style to all markers, click on the Style -> Markers

Here, you can select a single shape to be applied across all the markers. Then, change the shape’s color, size, border color and width. These styles can be overridden at individual levels.

Also, you can upload a custom icon inside the marker, but remember this custom icon will be applied to all the markers and cannot be overridden at the individual level.

Individual Level:

To give each marker a different style, click on the Build -> Markers

After adding the marker, click on the Style tab next to the Content. Switch the Marker type from Default to Marker to override the global styles.