InfoWindow Customization

Give your map a more appealing and distinctive appearance by customising the info windows to reflect your brand’s identity. Map Engine offers a variety of customisation choices to produce unique layouts for your map info windows.

You can design a Google map info window or an OpenStreet Map info window at two-level, one at the individual level and the other at the global level.

Individual Level:

Styling info Window for individual marker or polygon.

  1. First, create a new marker or a polygon, and to give styling to its info window, click on its style tab.
  2. Expanding the info-window settings, you will see various controls to style your info window uniquely.
Marker Infowindow
  • Card: Here, you can choose to show or hide the info window. Switch to default to apply the Global settings for the info-window
  • Close Icons: Show/hide the close icon.
  • Background Color: Set the window’s background color.
  • Arrow Background Color: You can change the card arrow color here.
  • Close Button Color: Set the color of the close icon.
  • Width: From here, you can adjust the card width.
  • Border Radius: Set the roundness of the card corners.
  • Padding: Adjust the padding around the info window.
  • Content Settings: You can set the alignment, typography and text color for the info window content like name, address and description.

Global Level:

If you want to apply the same styling across some of the info windows on the map, then go to the Style tab. Choose the element whose info window you want to style, like for a marker or a polygon.

Under the info window settings, you will get a preview option where you choose the info window which you want to preview while editing. This is only to get a frontend preview of your design.

At this stage, the controls are similar to those available at the individual level. The global settings can be overridden at the individual level.