Change Google Map – Types & Layers

Google Map provides specific map layers & types through which we can visualize the map more contextually. Using the Map Engine plugin, you can easily apply different layers to your map and switch the map types.

Google Map Types

We can visualize the Google Map in the following different way

  1. RoadMap
  2. Satellite
  3. Hybrid
  4. Terrain

Google Map Layers:

  1. Traffic: It allows you to add real-time traffic information on the map.
  2. Transit: This layer display the public transit network of a city on your map
  3. Bicycling: This layer allows you to add bicycling information to your map. It shows bike paths and suggested bike routes, and other overlays specific to bicycling usage.

How to change Google Map Types & Layers:

  1. Create a new or open the already created map.
  2. You will see a Setting icon; just click on that.
  3. Navigate to the Map Type and select the desired type from the list.
  4. Just below the Map Type, you will see the Map Layer settings toggle the layer you want to embed in the map.