Using Google Map controls

By default, Google Maps provides some map controls, which are displayed on the map, you can control the visibility of these default controls according to your need.

Map Engine also provides these Google Map control, under Settings>> Controls

  1. Gesture Handling: This control gives you a smooth map experience. You can select from Auto, Greedy or Cooperative gestures:
  2. Map Type Control: Enable this to add a control on the frontend to switch between different map types like Roadmap or Satellite.
  3. Zoom Control: Enable to add of a zoom control inside the map.
  4. Scale Control: This displays a map scale element.
  5. Street View Control: It adds a Street View icon inside the map.
  6. Fullscreen control: Enable to allow the user to view a full-size map
  7. Double click zoom: Enable to allow map zoom on double click.
  8. Draggable: Enable it to make the map draggable.
  9. Initial Zoom: Set the initial zoom level when the map is loaded.